Dalila Roglieri

How DaRò is born

The DaRò idea was born to share the importance of a good diet and give thanks to the harmonious synergy between the consolidated experience of the nutritionist Dalila Roglieri and her passion for gastronomy.
From this union menus and recipes from the traditional tastes and flavors of our territory: balanced dishes, created with a careful selection of ingredients and prepared with innovative cooking techniques; balanced options that go alongside the menu of restaurant activities take shape

Who is Dalila Roglieri?

During his career he collaborates with prestigious international companies in the food sector such as Danone, Yakult
and Kellogg's, she has also been a Culinary Nutritionist on the cruise ships of Silversea Cruise, focusing in particular on defining wellness menus, designed to respond
to the individual needs of guests on board.

Dietetics, Sport and Culinary Nutrition

After training in Nutrition and Science of Human Nutrition in Biology in the famous universities of Urbino and Milan, Dalila makes his work philosophy of life: promoting food education, healthy cooking and an active lifestyle for personal improvement , well-being and a state of health

Mastering the nutritive properties of the ingredients and traditional recipes, it creates food plans that dispel the myth that food-related well-being must deprive itself of the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.

His food programs are good to eat and to live because they are highly personalized.

DaRò is the promise to make you feel good, is the desire to spread a good habit, is the desire to introduce a new idea of nutrition simple, good and positive.
DaRò is able to choose to be fit eating with taste, wherever you are.