Travel Food & Nutrition Expert
Consulting and creation of personalized culinary experiences. Cooking classes, healthy eating, wellness, cooking and local traditions, food and wine pairing.

Scientific workshop in nutrition - Workshops, Cooking Shows and themed events
Events, tasting, evenings and themed meetings with the aim of promoting the positive side of eating well. Different and customizable locations and formats. Private and corporate gourmet dinners aimed at improving the awareness and knowledge of nutrition of the participants.

Wellness Menus
Creation of personalized recipes and menus (specific diets, lactose-free, gluten-free ...) for customers, restaurants, schools and hospitals

Professional restaurant recipe book - Allergen book with nutritional information
Drafting of the restaurant's recipe book. Each course on the menu is identified by photos, ingredients, preparation, nutritional information and specific diet. Preparation of the book of ingredients and allergens. Use of professional Calcmenu software

Food Education Courses
Personalized courses dedicated to the food education of individual groups, companies, associations and sports clubs


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