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Dalila Roglieri interviewed by VIA - Travel and Lifestyle Magazine


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Superstar nutritionist Dr. Dalila Roglieri captivates her clients’ senses by whisking them on extraordinary culinary journeys that harmonize healthy ingredients with incredible tasting food. The creator of the DaRò project told the Travel and Lifestyle Magazine VIA (www.via-magazine.com) - in the interview by Ellen Grace Jones - how working with Silversea Cruises aroused the desire to share her passion and knowledge with luxury travelers "gastronomically curious" up to the creation of his extraordinary kitchen and wellness project DaRò and how, when he is not traveling around the world, he works at the request of VIPs to create tantalizing culinary itineraries, shows the best of Apulian cuisine in DaRò's events, workshops and theme nights.

How was the DaRò project born?
DaRò is a culmination of my nutrition knowledge and a passion for food and wine. Whilst working with Silversea cruises I realized how effective it was to share my knowledge in nutrition in a more practical way. I would chat with guests about superfoods in local markets and I organized cooking shows and workshops for them on the cuisine of the countries we visited. Back in Italy, I was inspired to collaborate with companies, restaurants, hotels and resorts to create unforgettable culinary experiences, and so the DaRò wellness cuisine project was born.

How do you create a personalized menu?
The menus are created and decided with the client, including evening themes. I love helping clients to have a truly unique food experience. I remember an evening in a prestigious tennis club with a menu dedicated entirely to the world of tennis. Then, in Brazil, we created a special barbecue with a selection of the finest meats from all over the world.

Indigenous nutrition… we’re intrigued.
My wellness workshops across the world teach the fundamentals of indigenous nutrition. I like to tie clients to where we are and to the local food culture, giving them a sense of place. In Japan I organized a workshop on the diet and food habits of Okinawa, an island that has become famous for keeping the secrets of the longevity of its people. The table was full of ingredients bought at the market, which we got to know better during the lesson, then tasted at dinner.

Back here in Puglia, what kind of experiences can you offer clients? Walk us through a daily menu.
My ideal culinary day out in Puglia with clients is about getting to know the region’s soul. Puglia offers us an incredible array of possibilities. The day begins with a walk through olive trees or through the enchanting alleys of a small village. We’ll refresh over a lunch of sea urchins, fresh octopus and an aperitif by the sea. Then, a lesson on local culinary traditions is available for cooking enthusiasts. The evening ends in an exclusive restaurant or in a typical Masseria. Dinner is tailor-made for the customer with attention to their specific preferences, combined with the authenticity of local flavors.

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On request, Dr. Dalila Roglieri can sail on board clients’ private yachting holidays in Puglia, southern Italy or the southern Mediterranean, and plan personalized menus in Puglia or around the world. For info write to: info@dalilaroglieri.com