Dalila Roglieri

Embrace to our land, Sensi Food & Wine event in collaboration with DaRò


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Bringing value to the table through the choice of quality raw materials, which respect the seasons and are important for our physical well-being.

This is the principle behind the new food awareness of Sensi Food & Wine, which gave rise to the collaboration with Dr. Dalila Roglieri, creator of the DaRò Wellness project. A new focus of "Sensi" for culinary nutrition, their usual love for food and for the territory has generated and nourished the tasting event "Embrace to our land" created in collaboration with the chef Rocco Violante and the nutritionist Dr. Dalila Roglieri. The evening was a refined opportunity to tell the most loyal customers of the venue the value of collaboration between the professionals involved in the evening.

The focus of Sensi's renewed proposal during the evening and the next seasonal menu are interactions related to well-being and health at the table, attention to cooking methods and greater ethics relating to sustainability and the origin of raw materials.

Among the most popular dishes of the themed opening night on Tuesday 19 October, recommended by DaRò: Bon Bon of rice, potatoes and mussels, mayonnaise with lemon and fried basil, Tagliolino di Farro, cream of turnip tops, anchovy fondue, crusco pepper The local mullet carpaccio with aromatic herbs, onion caramel and wine Genuine and balanced proposals, prepared with cooking methods that enhance the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the raw material and that enhance the culture of eating well in Puglia.

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