Dalila Roglieri

Cod and sweet olives

The "Cod and sweet olives" is prepared with excellent ingredients, balanced in portions, proportions and combinations in order to be nutritious and at the same time light.

The species of cod used to obtain the cod are salted and seasoned: salting allows their conservation for a long time, and for this reason it has been used since very distant times to allow the transport and consumption of fish in places even very distant from those of 'origin.
The recipe provides almost 50% of the necessary daily proteins * and only 7% of carbohydrates (Reference values for an adult - 2000 kcal per day)



Quality cod fillets, "Traditional" Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Molfetta mill, Apulian partner, Nolche olives, Thyme, Marjoram, Coarsely chopped dill, Salt and Pepper


Opinion of the chef

Cut the cod into slices of about 130-150g each. Insert the slices in a vacuum seal bag (trying to eliminate all the air) with extra virgin olive oil, a little water and coarsely chopped spices (thyme, marjoram, dill). Bake at 70 ° C for about 15 minutes using the Roner.
Cut the spousals into rings and cook with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, salt and a little water for 15 minutes. Cook the spousels until they are well wilted, then add the black olives and finish cooking for another 15 minutes
In a deep dish, serve the cod slice on the bottom of the spousal and sweet olives and decorate with a parsley leaf. Serve immediately


Nutritionist's advice

In this recipe the cod fillet is cooked at low temperatures using the Roner vacuum cooking method. In this way the fish proteins do not undergo a thermal shock and the organoleptic properties of the product are best preserved. The spousal and the olives balance the slightly savory taste of the cod by softening the recipe with their sweetness. The use of "Traditional" extra virgin Di Molfetta oil is a source of taste and vitamin E, a precious antioxidant that must never be missing from the diet.
The recipe provides 310 kcal - Recommended for those who follow a balanced diet, in anti-aging diets because they are rich in Omega 3 and vitamin E and in low-calorie diets with a low glycemic index.