Dalila Roglieri

Tourbillon of Raspberry and Chocolate

The "Tourbillon of Raspberry and Chocolate" is the dessert prepared with excellent ingredients, balanced in portions, proportions and combinations in order to be nutritious and at the same time light.


Tourbillon of Raspberry, pieces of seasonal fruit, dark chocolate flakes

Opinion of the chef

Prepare the Raspberry Turbillon by simmering the raspberry pulp and adding agar agar. Adjust the quantities according to the quantity to be prepared: for 500 gr of raspberry pulp use about 5-7 gr of agar agar. Once the desired consistency is reached, remove from the heat. Cut the fruit of your choice in season, in order to obtain a fruit salad. Arrange the raspberry pulp in the shape of a Turbillon and serve. Arrange the fruit on the raspberry pulp and complete the dish with dark chocolate flakes.

Nutritionist's advice

With less than 150 kcal and no added sugars, this dessert is recommended for keeping the figure in low-calorie diets and for sportsmen before aerobic or post-workout physical activity