Dalila Roglieri

Orecchiette with Cardoncelli Mushrooms

Orecchiette with Cardoncelli Mushrooms is an ideal recipe to fully enjoy the autumn flavors. The dish is seasoned with Novus "Di Molfetta extra virgin olive oil, a so-called novello oil, in limited production between the end of October and the beginning of November, ideal for lovers of traditional Apulian flavors.


Whole durum wheat semolina orecchiette with cardoncelli mushrooms, marinated tomato and new oil.

Opinion of the chef

The tomato is cut into thin squares and seasoned with oil, salt and oregano and added off the heat to keep the color and give a touch of freshness

Nutritionist's advice

Complex carbohydrates such as those in wholemeal pasta should never be missing from your daily diet. Often people are afraid to introduce them and are mistakenly demonized by those who try to lose a few unnecessary kilograms. In quantities suitable for our needs and especially in the first part of the day, they give long-term energy. Choose a wholemeal pasta produced from ancient grains and combine it with seasonal vegetables, such as the fragrant cardoncelli mushrooms of our recipe.