Dalila Roglieri

Brown rice with tomatoes, capers, barattieri and feta


200 gr of brown rice
120 gr of feta
300 gr of cherry tomatoes (I mixed zebrino and regina)
1 barattieri or "cucumarazzo"
A handful of capers (cut with a knife and then mixed with rice)
Red onion (I only had the jam and I put that ... but the fresh one kept a little in water and then seasoned with a few drops of vinegar, oil and pepper is fine)

Opinion of the chef

Cook the red rice in salted boiling water. Peel and cut the barattieri, cut the cherry tomatoes into 4, chop the capers and add them to the rice once cooked then add the red onion cut into thin slices and left in water and then seasoned with oil, vinegar and pepper.

Complete with the crumbled feta, oregano (fresh or dry) and a drizzle of oil