Dalila Roglieri

Beyond the Meat at Pesto di Pistacchio

The need to find more environmentally friendly food sources and the growing food choice of some consumers towards vegan food has prompted several companies to develop alternatives to meat and its derivatives. Among these is Beyond Meat startup in the United States founded in 2009 by Ethan Brown in collaboration with Evan Williams and Biz Stone (two of the fathers of Twitter) and many investors, including Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio.


Beyond Meat has developed a line of completely vegetable, gluten and lactose-free products that wants to be the alternative to eating meat: each product has a taste, appearance and compactness that is completely similar to the classic versions. Even the red color of the "tender and bloodless flesh" has been reproduced by the use of beet powder.


In Puglia the Hamburger Beyond Meat is present from Pistachio Pesto in Trani, served with croutons, caramelized onion and vegetable mayonnaise. An avant-garde choice that attracts several lovers and passionate foodies in the restaurant.


Pistachio Pesto is a nice place that offers a careful selection of quality ingredients in recipes with simple and refined flavors. I admit that I preferred local and traditional Italian products to American “meat-non-meat”, reinvented and served in a vegan version. The "Lingua di suocera with sautéed chicory" and the "Tagliatelle with Pistachio pesto" were very tasty and original.


I don't know what future lies with products like Beyond Meat. I don't know if they will be able to conquer Italian habits and palates.


I personally believe that our food culture does not need products of this type, as they are far from the original and enjoyable taste that has made their consumption famous. Rather as a nutritionist and passionate about good food, I prefer to consume quality meat in moderation, presented in the form and local tradition. I will gladly return to Pesto di Pistacchio I share the ethical choice and the gastronomic proposal in line with future trends: I will order organic food and the tasty vegan Italian recipes.


Dalila Roglieri