Dalila Roglieri

Culinary advice in the world: Brazil

The beginning of 2020 brought DaRò Wellnesscuisine to the other side of the world, precisely in Brazil, where, as Travel Food & Nutrition Expert, we worked to create a real itinerary of taste between the flavors and typical local foods for a group of travelers.

The goal of our trip? Create a tailor-made culinary experience thanks to the scientific and gastronomic support of the nutritionist Dalila Roglieri.

Taking into account the nutritional needs and objectives, taste and quality of the food, DaRò Wellnesscuisine has selected restaurants, places and foods for a group of travelers to discover the carioca foods and flavors. Savoring Farofa, Moquem, Angu de Quitandera, Banana, Okra, Taro, Cassava and Mango - specialties of the Brazilian culinary culture - we got to know this land in depth and we got in touch with the local culture. From the enthusiastic Rio De Jainero to Angra dos Reis, a paradise with turquoise waters, we have accompanied travelers to discover extraordinary dishes.
Among the restaurants that DaRò has selected for travelers we mention Assador, churrascheria from Rio De Jainero, Satyricon and Fasano al Mare, among the best seafood restaurants in Ipanema

During the week we also dealt with unique evenings and private dinners in dream places including Santa Teresa and the Sugar Loaf and barbecue based on Lobsters, fresh Prawns or the famous Pichana. The management of these events, in the organization and creation of the menu, give prestige to our project and push us more and more to orient ourselves in this direction, with the aim of making our guests remember the journey through memorable and unrepeatable experiences in their gerene .

DaRò promotes quality catering and food as a culinary experience and in search of product excellence all over the world.
It offers a Travel Food & Nutrition Consulting service for the creation of culinary experiences for single travelers and / or small groups, hotels and resorts, travel agencies and tour operators.