Dalila Roglieri

Chocolate Pears with Orange Drops


Fresh Pears, Red Wine, Cinnamon, 70% Extra Dark Chocolate, "Di Molfetta" Frantoio Orange Oil

Opinion of the chef

The pears are left to macerate in wine and cinnamon in order to take the flavor of these two ingredients and then fan-cut and flavored with 70% extra dark chocolate flakes. The dish is embellished with edible flowers that cheer it up from an aesthetic point of view.

Nutritionist's advice

This fruit-based dessert wants to give value to the light and moderate taste of pears, enriching the flavor with red wine and cinnamon without adding calories to the recipe.

It turns out to be very delicate on the palate and the use of extra dark chocolate adds nutraceutical substances that give well-being and promote sleep.

The recipe has an energy value below 150 calories, it can be included in a food plan aimed at weight loss and antiaging nutrition.