Dalila Roglieri

Frisa with Swordfish and marinated eggplant

I don't know about you, but I still have something very good left over from previous lunches / dinners in the fridge. WHAT TO DO? Avoid continuing to celebrate  Yes, because if it is true that I have advised all of you to enjoy the holidays with serenity and without too many sacrifices, it is also true that we must not take advantage of the advice. Let's start with this fantastic recipe I prepared with ingredients of Christmas celebration, in according wih wellness portion and preparation 


Wheat or barley apulian Frisa, 3-4 slices of smoked swordfish, a tablespoon of chopped oil marinated aubergines, chopped parsley

Opinion of the chef

Smoked fish has an intense and rather savory flavor. Therefore it is not necessary to salt the frisa. The aubergines in oil with the slight acidity of the vinegar enhance the flavor of the fish. To reduce the amount of oil in aubergines, dab them on a paper towel before adding them to the recipe

Nutritionist's advice

This recipe is rich in Omega 3 and slow-release complex carbohydrates: it contains less than 300 kcal and 15 grams of high biological value proteins. The fat content, albeit apparently relevant, derives from the amount of fish used and from the extra virgin olive oil of the aubergines: good fats that are good for the heart and especially the brain.