Dalila Roglieri

"Fit with Limonolio" Bruschetta

It is mistakenly believed that bread, pasta and bruschetta make you fat: in reality it depends on the portions and proportions of the ingredients used. This delicious bruschetta brings almost 15 g of complete protein thanks to the presence of fresh salmon and ricotta, and few fats. The portions refer to the preparation of 2 large bruschetta, corresponding to approximately 4 portions.



Turmeric bread toasted, fresh salmon tartare, artichoke carpaccio, ricotta and pistachio mousse, extra virgin olive oil with lemon "Limonolio" By Molfetta Frantoiani



Opinion of the chef

The oil chosen with lemon is able to enhance the flavor of the ingredients without exaggerating with the quantities.


Nutritionist's advice

The "In forma con Limonolio" bruschetta brings 250 kcal and is recommended for those who follow a balanced diet, in anti-aging diets because it is rich in Omega 3 and Curcumin and in low-calorie diets with low Glycemic Index