Dalila Roglieri

Bruschetta of Autumn

Autumn Bruschetta is a traditional dish made with 100% Made In Puglia ingredients prepared with fava bean cream, wild chicory, smoked burrata heart, a pinch of salt and intense fruity extra virgin olive oil "Di Molfetta", all on a slice of Bruschetta Altamura Bread



Fava bean cream, wild chicory and smoked burrata heart, a pinch of salt, a slice of Altamura bread and traditional "Di Molfetta" fruity oil


Opinion of the chef

The oil chosen to complete this recipe is an intense traditional oil, with a robust and decisive character, with a pleasant pinch and inebriating aroma, ideal for seasoning the beans and chicory of this autumn bruschetta


Nutritionist's advice

This bruschetta meets the need to include vegetables and legumes in daily nutrition. Often, fava bean puree is thought of as a genuine but not very tasty preparation: autumn bruschetta instead enhances the nutritional characteristics of the ingredients by combining them with bread and smoked burrata, the latter in the portion not exceeding 40 g.
Autumn bruschetta is recommended for daily nutrition, for those who prefer vegetarian recipes and sportsmen: it provides about 15 g of protein per serving.