Dalila Roglieri

Aubergine Millefoille

A light appetizer ideal for summer evenings with friends or to be proposed on the beach in its essential idea



Baked eggplant puffs, Barley salad enriched with Friggitelli, Savory and Tomatoes in oil, Crispy rice, Beet cream, Extra virgin olive oil Intense Fruity


Opinion of the chef

To maintain the crunchiness of the barley grain, pass it in cold running water immediately after draining it. In this way you will eliminate the excess starch from the cereal.


Nutritionist's advice

A light appetizer consisting of seasonal vegetables such as aubergines cooked in a fan oven, friggitelli peppers left raw and thinly cut to aid digestion, aromatic herbs and julienne tomatoes in oil. Ideal for those who follow a weight loss plan, for lactose intolerant and those who prefer vegetarian dishes.