Dalila Roglieri

Slim by design: eating with consciousness


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Nobody has the courage to admit that 95% of diets fail just because dieting is difficult.

Following the Nutritionist's detailed food cards with diligence requires sacrifice, determination and great commitment. We often eat outside the home. We have little time to cook and buy what has been suggested to us. And often the daily recommendation inidicate in the diet does not coincide with our food tastes.
So do we have to give up being fit? Absolutely not. The secret is to be "Slim by design". In this book Brian Wansink, a well-known professor and director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, describes how it is possible to be fit with conscious nutrition.

One sentence sums up twenty-five years of my research: becoming "slim by design" works better than trying to become thin thanks to willpower. That is, it is easier to change the environment and the way we consume food than to force the mind not to eat food. It is easier to move the plate of candies from the room than to resist the temptation to eat them having them visible on the desk. It is easier to use a small plate than to constantly remind our mind not to overdo it in filling a larger plate. However, although there are many solutions to consume food consciously, most of them remain unknown to us, simply because we do not seek them. On the contrary, we are too focused on food and not on the environment in which we consume it. We are too focused on eating less than one thing, more than another thing or launching ourselves into the new "Yeast and Soil Diet" that we read on the Internet. [Brian Wansink]

A book that opens the mind and reinforces the concept of conscious nutrition. How can you make your home calorie-proof? How to behave in the restaurant? Do you know the secrets hidden among the supermarket shelves? What to do when having lunch in the office?

It is therefore necessary to know the environments that influence our daily food choices and change habits in order to automate the secrets that help you stay fit.
Remember, if you want to be thin, behave like all the people who already are, everywhere: at home, in the restaurant and in the supermarket.