Dalila Roglieri

The nutritionist of the future


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The role of a Nutritionist has always been identified with the prescription of the diet plans. The Body Mass Index (BMI) reveals in which weight-category the patient is. The percentage of fat mass and the result of your blood tests are a consequence of your daily lifestyle. According to all the different parameters, a nutritionist prescribes diet plans suggesting recipes, consumption time and recommended foods. In the absence of diseases and specific physiological conditions (such as pregnancy, growth and nursing) the only diet is in my opinion an ineffective tool which is not even up with the times.


A diet plan makes you a slave of the prescribed recommendations. Prevent the guilt-free and peacefulness of sharing food on special occasions with family and friends. Moreover people often eat out, so it is not easy to find the prescribed suggestions in all restaurants and menus.  


I never calculated calories in my life. I often rejected diet as many of you did. I love eating delicious meals and sharing a good glass of wine with friends.


What is the secret of my good shape? I understand the signals that my body sends me. I adjust my daily eating pattern according to my lifestyle. I train my muscles, because a fit body is a sexy body.  I take care of my aspect because self-love increases the possibility of succeeding in life.


The nutritionist of the future will no longer approach the eating disorders with diet plans, but he/she will rather promote well-being through culinary nutrition, healthy lifestyle and the personal development of every patients.