Dalila Roglieri

Wellness through food in business


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Can increasing employee well-being contribute to increasing the success of a company? It was discussed on Wednesday 16 May during the event "How to bring happiness to the company" organized in Milan by EasyHunters, a company that offers high quality digital recruitment services, in collaboration with Pirola Pennuto Zei & associates and Yakult.

Through a study conducted by EasyHunters on 4,000 workers (between 25 and 55 years of age) it emerged that the most suitable initiatives to increase well-being in the company are undoubtedly smart working, i.e. the possibility of working remotely, business training and presence of a company canteen, provided that healthy food is made available.

For 42.2% of the sample, in fact, it would be important to have a balanced and healthy menu. Again with regard to health and physical well-being, 42.8% of the interviewees would request the gym, 34.2% an agreement with companies in the food & beverage sector and 27.7% agreements with optical stores and pharmacies .

The meeting, moderated by Anna Zinola, professor of marketing psychology at the University of Pavia, saw the participation of Dalila Roglieri, biologist nutritionist expert in dietetics, sports nutrition and creator of the DaRò - Wellness Cuisine project.

Dr. Roglieri spoke on the topic "Well-being through food" spoke of the importance of conscious nutrition in the company where, through the choice of balanced recipes and the correct nutritional contribution, it is possible to promote the well-being of workers who they choose to take advantage of the company canteen. Offering a balanced menu in the canteen means for the worker to be able to take advantage of a healthy diet without sacrificing taste and, for the company, to offer healthy foods that can increase the degree of well-being in the workplace.

"A company that is interested in the well-being and health of its workers - says Dr. Roglieri - is a company with a higher employee health rate and positive feedback in terms of attendance and performance in the workplace As part of the company canteen, offering balanced meals with high nutritional quality - continues the nutritionist - means concretely helping workers to eat healthily to stay healthy and well. A worker who makes conscious nutritional choices and eats better during breaks. lunch fatigues less during working hours, post lunch break has a certainly better performance and - concludes Dr. Roglieri - has a lower risk of getting sick, for the benefit of the company and primarily of itself ".