Dalila Roglieri

Facebook Live, The Art to be patience with Raffaele Gaito


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"To be successful in an increasingly hectic world it is necessary to train a fundamental skill: patience." We at DaRò asked ourselves how much "The Art of Patience" can determine success in pursuing Wellness, Health and the best physical fitness and to give a concrete answer to this question we decided to talk about it with a great expert on the subject. , Raffaele Gaito, author of the manual “The Art of Patience” and business school teacher at Il Sole 24 Ore. In a two-part dialogue Raffaele Gaito and Dalila Roglieri, nutrition biologist specialized in Dietetics, Sports Nutrition and Culinary, discussed the theme of the culture of immediacy and instant gratification both in the digital world, Raffaele's area of ​​expertise, and in the world of nutrition, wellness and health in which Dalila operates.


The Facebook event was an opportunity to learn how to apply the Art of Patience to food education, lifestyle changes and the achievement of long-term well-being and health. This is a topic that nutritionist Dalila Roglieri, creator of the DaRò project, has particularly close to heart and unfortunately too little is said about it. Today, in fact, the “good nutritionist” has become the one who can make you lose weight or resolve the body's malaise (built up over time) in a short time.

Although there are methods to achieve fast weight loss (if you know them and know how to apply them), these same methods should not be used at the request of the patient but only when necessary as they do not always ensure long-term efficacy. For most individuals, only daily consistency really works. As well as in working life, tolerance, time, thoughtful decisions and constancy in taking care of the body are the ingredients to feel good in nutrition. To see or review the live video of "The Art of Patience" CLICK HERE