DaRò Experience, a day in Modica


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In this summer dedicated to trips to Italy (for need but also and above all for passion) we at DaRò wellness have chosen to structure a food and wine tour of eastern Sicily, to discover restaurants, laboratories and wineries of excellence, places anchored to tradition local, but projected towards the future thanks to new contaminations and innovative visions.

In the stages of a tour of the east of Sicily, there is a place that absolutely cannot be overlooked: we are talking about Modica, an urban jewel of the Val di Noto. We visited Modica by selecting for you three places to eat well, under the guidance of nutritionist Dalila Roglieri, Travel Food & Nutrition Expert, consultant and creator of personalized culinary experiences for travel agencies, companies, private clients or groups.

Let's start our culinary journey starting from the King of Modica, that is the IGP chocolate. The finest of the varieties is produced in Sicily according to an ancient tradition and is obtained with artisanal cold processing. The result is a dark black paste with brown reflections, with a grainy and crumbly texture.


DONNA ELVIRA and her Chocolate Factory

To find out more about how Modica IGP chocolate is born, we went to Donna Elvira, a local artisan who has been producing artisan chocolate for over 20 years in her "opi fi cio", the only bean-to-bar in Sicily. Donna Elvira is a real inspiration: her confectionery shop tells of the passion and dedication in the pursuit of excellence.

In his laboratory, chocolate is produced by selecting the seeds at the origin and then transforming them into delicious bars and special creations, awarded in numerous editions by the International Chocolate Award.

(DONNA ELVIRA - Via Risorgimento, 32, 97015 Modica RG)


The Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

We continue our tour of Modica by visiting an institution of taste: Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, a pastry shop / laboratory in business since 1880.

Today the precious confectionery shop is still there where it was founded, as if to testify to the link with the Sicilian city. Just as the ancient flavors remain intact that today are flanked by reinterpretations and experiments.

Tasting the sweets of Antica Dolceria Bonajuto means encountering ancient flavors, sometimes unknown, which the Bonajuto family has preserved for six generations and which every day reproduces in its laboratories with passion and dedication.

The advice here is to taste their Sicilian cannoli: traditional are the cannoli with cow's milk ricotta (and not sheep's milk, as in the rest of Sicily). Really unique!

(ANTICA DOLCERIA BONAJUTO - Corso Umberto I, 159, 97015 Modica RG)


Not just desserts: at dinner at Taverna Migliore

"Between tradition and innovation" is the slogan of Taverna Migliore, a restaurant located in the artisan area of ​​Modica, within a finely restored country house, surrounded by a garden and vegetable garden directly managed by the chef.

Initially, Taverna Migliore offered essentially home cooking strongly anchored to the Modican and Sicilian tradition. Starting from here, with the arrival of chef Lorenzo Ruta, the tradition was maintained but at the same time many new dishes with an innovative character were added to the menu, dictated by the chef's irrepressible desire to create and experiment.

(TAVERNA MIGLIORE - Via Modica Ispica, 95, 97015 Modica RG)


Continue to follow us to learn about the places and flavors tested (and approved for you) throughout Italy and in the world.