How restaurateurs deal with the coronavirus emergency: virtuous examples


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DaRò was born to share the importance of good nutrition in every place of social life and works closely with companies in the food, wine and tourism sector. As we know, starting from March 12, the coronavirus emergency imposed on all of us the social distance and the consequent temporary closure of this type of activity.

What can restaurateurs do in a moment of forced break from their work due to this unexpected event?

Nobody was prepared to face this crisis but through the web we learn, day after day, of virtuous examples of restaurateurs who, throughout Italy, from North to South, try to respond positively to this moment of crisis and difficulty.

First of all, we want to thank the numerous catering businesses that have reopened their kitchens to support hospital departments throughout Italy by donating to doctors and nurses - engaged in the front line against the covid-19 emergency - hot meals, culinary specialties and tip of its menu.

In Milan SlowSud launched a real solidarity race made of contagious love gestures (in the positive sense) which immediately spread across the peninsula.

Among the activities that have joined this initiative in Puglia we find, for example, the Fiore Bakery in Bari, which has chosen to donate some focaccia wheels to doctors and nurses of the Policlinico and, also in Bari, Olio & Farina, which has delivered panzerotti and pancakes at the intensive care unit of the Polyclinic of the Apulian capital.
Furthermore, if it is true that "without crisis there are no challenges" we want to support the catering activities which, in this moment of difficulty, despite having closed their premises to the public, have been able to reinvent themselves by offering a food delivery service, adapting themselves to the rules security regulations.

Someone added a touch of "hope" to their deliveries such as Farine di Messina who chose to attach a coupon valid for a complimentary dessert, to be collected at the physical location of the restaurant, when this moment has passed and can be reopened.

Finally we would like to thank the restaurateurs and chefs who continue, day after day, to keep in touch with their customers also through social channels by offering valuable cooking tutorials and video lessons.
The streets will soon fill up again and the locals will come back to crowd and we at DaRò are looking forward to returning to discover new places to recommend.