DaRo for the companies

DaRò is a promise:
is the desire to introduce a new idea of healthy, balanced and positive nutrition


Born from the idea of culinary nutritionist Dalila Roglieri, DaRo researches and promotes places where nutrition, taste and food culture are in harmony and at the service of the well-being of the customer.  


We work with companies, restaurants, hotels and resorts, travel agencies and tour operators.


We work together on events, cooking shows, private or corporate gourmet dinners and food and wine experiences.


Offer the best to customers increasingly demanding and attentive to the line and well-being of the person.

Who is Dalila Roglieri?

During his career he collaborates with prestigious international companies in the food sector such as Danone, Yakult
and Kellogg's, she has also been a Culinary Nutritionist on the cruise ships of Silversea Cruise, focusing in particular on defining wellness menus, designed to respond
to the individual needs of guests on board.