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  • Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro - Brasile
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Founded in 1983, Satyricon is the right place if you want to try the freshness and quality of genuine fish-based cuisine in the splendid Ipanema, in Rio De Janeiro.

Crustaceans, molluscs, seafood, octopuses, all extremely fresh, are chosen critically by the owners, Marly and Miro Leopardi, as well as by their daughter Sandra Tolpiakow, to bring back the vitality of Mediterranean flavors in a tropical context.
The dishes are made with unique and excellent products with techniques that preserve the true flavor of the ingredients.
Satyricon is known for its fresh fish carpaccio based on sea bass, fresh prawns, salmon and tuna and for the famous "sea fantasy", grilled octopus, lobster, fresh prawns, Greek cicadas. An appetizer of the house with bean and tuna salad and marinated vegetables welcomes the travelers.

For those who prefer vegetarian cuisine or meat dishes, Satyricon offers delicious pasta dishes, risotto and fine fillets.

Finally, a cellar with over 500 labels allows perfect synchronization between the choice of food and wine.