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Assador Rio's

Known for being the best churrascaria in Rio De Jainero, Assador is one of the places selected by DaRò in the context of the Travel Food and Nutrition Experience in Brazil.
The barbecue tradition began in Brazil 300 years ago. The Assador was the one who prepared the meats, including the cuts, knew the materials, the knives, the grids. The barbecue of that time was done everywhere, only by experts, who passed on the knowledge to their children and grandchildren. Since then, almost nothing has changed. ASSADOR preserves the ancient barbecue rituals and the ancestral knowledge of this cuisine in one of the most fascinating places in Rio de Janeiro, with a privileged view of the Sugarloaf mountain.
Assador welcomes customers with large and bright spaces and large wooden tables on which the placemats, with the function of menus, illustrate the cuts of meat available.

During the meal the waiters serve, on large vertical skewers, meat at will: among the recommended dishes we find the picanha, a cut of meat typical of Brazilian cuisine, the filet mignon, a very fine cut obtained from the end of the fillet and, for those not likes red meat, chicken dishes expertly cooked to be soft and pleasant.

The travelers, under the supervision of DaRò, were greeted by a large buffet full of salads, sauces and Brazilian side dishes such as rice with black beans - a typical carioca dish - polenta and fried batata chips.

Among the desserts offered by Assador we mention coconut ice cream and lemon cream with red fruits.

Assador stands out for an extraordinary wine cellar, in fine red wine to be combined with meat dishes.

A little curious: Assador produces his cachaça brand, a typical Brazilian brandy, obtained by distilling sugar cane juice and usually drunk as an appetizer or used in the preparation of capirinha. In this case, customers had the opportunity to taste the three-year-old cachaça Assador as a liqueur at the end of the meal.



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