Dalila Roglieri



"Knowing how to go back, to push even further" is the mantra of Roots, a trattoria in Scorrano (LE), in the Salento hinterland, created by starred chefs Floriano Pellegrino, Isabella Potì, who leads a brigade of ambitious young people from every part of the world.

Love for the territory, raw materials of the highest quality, seasonality and attention to detail distinguish the cuisine of Roots: here every dish is born in connection with the earth and here they are experimented and created always new menus starting from what the garden offers, Salento growers, fishermen and breeders based on the availability of the day.

Roots is an experiment of contamination between ancient cuisine and modern influences: in the menu offer the Sunday pizza, the Salento breakfast (in which salty and sweet mix) and a vegetarian menu prepared according to slow cooking rhythms and home traditions. chefs want to regain possession.