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Orto, il Ristorante

Orto, il Ristorante

A land, people, a kitchen. These are the elements that characterize Orto il Ristorante, a place that comes from a simple idea: to cultivate the best of Puglia's ingredients in the vegetable garden and, with creativity and elegance, entrust the story to the table.

The watchword of Orto, a restaurant in Monopoli (BA), is to "excite" with excellent catering, where the difference is made by the raw materials, the taste, the elegance of a dish and above all the people who they work by dispensing smiles and ideas and skilfully practicing the art of welcoming.

Orto offers a refined but essential cuisine, with the sole objective of telling the gastronomic culture and culinary traditions of Puglia through a continuous study on the seasonality of raw materials and native products.

Great care is given to the vegetable garden and orchard, a real "zero meter market", as head chef Paola Alemanno defines it. Orto adheres to the BiodiverSo project (Biodiversity of Apulian horticultural species), funded by the Puglia Region to protect agrobiodiversity, promoting a cyclic rotation that follows the seasonality in the planting of fruit and vegetables.