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C'era una volta

  • Potenza
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C'era una volta

C'era una volta is a restaurant immersed in the greenery of the Paradiso valley in Potenza, a place where you can savor good food from Potenza, prepared according to traditions, with healthy and natural ingredients.

C'era una volta was born from the will of the owners to put the old paternal trattoria back on its feet, already active in the 60s. The ancient spirit of the restaurant relives through objects, flavors and environments in a journey where history tells itself. .

The current restaurant reproduces environments with an antique flavor such as a 1950s classroom, a historic bar or a veranda surrounded by greenery.

The cuisine of C'era una volta enhances and innovates the Lucanian tradition: do not miss the ravioli stuffed with cod, the crusco pepper, the egg with chickpea and truffle puree and the stuffed potato, specialty of the house.