Dalila Roglieri



Quality, Care and Creativity distinguish the work of Apogeo, a gourmet pizzeria that finds a home in Pietrasanta (Lucca). Here Massimo Giovannini, in collaboration with his wife Barbara Boniburini, expresses all his art in the preparation of pizza, his specialty that he has been caring for with passion, study, research and method for over 20 years.

Massimo is a leavener and his love for dough governs the Apogee experience.

Flour is the ingredient from which everything begins and Apogeo's pizzas are prepared with Petra del Molino Quaglia flour, obtained from the selection of the best 100% Italian stone-milled soft grains.

Massimo Giovannini gives primary importance to the "maturation of the dough", a fundamental step to diversify the offer and create lighter, better, crispier and absolutely digestible pizzas.

Massimo's dream is that one day the customers of pizzerias will have the same respect for pizza chefs as they have for chefs and so far the passion and commitment have paid off Giovannini with 22nd place in the 50 Top Pizza ranking and awarding Apogeo dei Three Spicchi from the Gambero Rosso Pizzerie d'Italia Guide for four editions.