Dalila Roglieri



Aidin is the new restaurant of the Hotel Pordoi, which celebrates the prince of the woods - the silver fir, from which the Ladino name takes its name. The restaurant in Canazei (TN) offers excellent vegetarian cuisine, the result of the selection of raw materials and regional products of the highest quality and a short supply chain, and the great creativity of its chefs, whose art has been able to perfectly combine the flavors of tradition local with innovation.

Respecting nature with a view to environmental sustainability is a choice that is reflected in the cuisine, attentive to respect for the planet, nature and health with healthy, natural and plant-based proposals.

All the excellent controlled products that come from local farms or are regional production: from delicious mountain cheeses to genuine eggs from controlled farms and not from intensive farms, it responds to a philosophy of sustainability and great love for the environment.