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Agrobistrot Signor Cesare

Agrobistrot Signor Cesare

Immersed in nature, in a unique and refined location on the slopes of the Gargano, Agrobistrot Signor Cesare is an exclusive agrobistrot where tradition and local products meet the refinement and innovation of a refined cuisine at km0.

At Agrobistrot Signor Cesare the products of the land of Puglia, combined with passion, research and innovation, give life to a modern and refined cuisine. Mr. Cesare Agrobistrot's staff regularly attend training courses with companies specialized in the world of haute cuisine, to ensure a unique experience of refined catering, with local and seasonal products.

In addition to the ability of the kitchen staff, one of the strengths is the warmth, availability and professionalism of the restaurant staff and the genuineness of the raw materials used for the preparation of food, from breakfast to dinner. Many products used are, in fact, locally produced and always of high quality.