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Agriturismo Poggio Diavolino

Agriturismo Poggio Diavolino

The Poggio Diavolino farmhouse is immersed in the Tuscan countryside of Suvereto, a small medieval town in the province of Livorno between hills of olive trees and Mediterranean scrub in the Val di Cornia, a territory famous for its wines and its gastronomic richness.

Morello Pecchioli in his book "The forgotten vegetables" defines it as the Noah's ark of the forgotten vegetables: in Poggio Diavolino, in fact, Tuscan IGP extra virgin olive oil is produced and sold, various vegetables are grown, including numerous ancient, rare and curious vegetables , as well as several traditional and typical Tuscan varieties.

In addition, farm animals are raised and all the typical activities of the peasant economy are carried out. At Poggio Diavolino farmhouse, every effort is made to maintain biodiversity: different types of ancient grains and legumes are grown and numerous breeds of ornamental chickens are bred.