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Agriturismo Girolomoni

Agriturismo Girolomoni

"Eating is not just transforming and cooking food: it is gift, spirituality, friendship, fraternity, beauty, warmth, color, wisdom, perfume, simplicity, company" In the words of the founder Gino Girolomoni, the philosophy of the Girolomoni organic farm is contained.

Here, in Isola del Piano (PU), in the Marche region, between healthy food, fields cultivated with organic methods and native woods, a cooperative brought back to life a territory that had been discarded and abandoned. On this hill, a few meters away from each other, a fully restored 1380 monastery, an inn and a pasta factory are erected. The farmhouse houses the store and restaurant of the Gino Girolomoni Cooperativa from which you can admire a splendid panoramic view, with breathtaking sunsets, until you see the "Titano" mountain of San Marino and the sea of ​​Cattolica.

The cuisine of the Inn starts from tradition to get dishes that have ancient origins and evolution, health and freshness through strictly organic raw materials and as much as possible of the place.

What makes the work of the Gino Girolomoni Cooperative precious is the cultural and popularization activity carried out by the Educational Farm aimed at school groups, university groups from all over Italy and in general all those who are sensitive to a sustainable lifestyle and healthy nutrition.