Dalila Roglieri



Edo ergo sum (I eat therefore I am) is the motto of Prometeo Farro, a company from Urbino that cares about organic agriculture and has the dream of changing the future of the planet through production systems that are more respectful of the environment.

Evaluating the exceptional characteristics of spelled, the oldest cereal in history, such as rusticity, low nutritional and water requirements and excellent competitiveness with weeds, Massimo Fiorani, founder of Prometeo, has understood that it is the perfect crop for a cultivation with low environmental impact and sustainable and in 1991 Prometeo began its journey to give spelled, this precious and healthy cereal, the right place of honor in the modern diet.

The Prometeo team has started looking for the spelled seed in the most remote places of the Apennines of central Italy, has recovered and selected some varieties of spelled from mixtures of cereals and at the same time has convinced some of the most visionary farmers to enter the Prometeo supply chain.

Prometeo guarantees transparency and traceability in every step of production and today the company specializes in the production of spelled monlis, zefiro, rossorubino and yakub.