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Pantaleo Agriculture

Pantaleo Agriculture

An estate of 130 hectares in the Dune Costiere Regional Natural Park, hosts Agricola Pantaleo, an organic farm, oil mill, shop and restaurant. The story begins in 2008 when Luisa Pantaleo founded PANTALEO AGRICOLTURA in pursuit of a dream: to give new life to local agriculture.

"We started with olive cultivation - says Luisa Pantaleo - to which we added the production of Pomodoro Regina, a typical variety of the area which, unfortunately, has risked extinction in recent decades and today has also managed to enter the list of products protected by Slow Food Presidia ".

Cereals, legumes, figs fioroni, summer figs, courgettes, aubergines, watermelons, peppers, peas and salads: the choice of crops was made in compliance with the natural cycles of the products so as not to exhaust the production capacity of the territory and after three years of work, Pantaleo has obtained organic certification.

In 2016, the inauguration of a new greenhouse for the self-production of tomato plants and an oil mill for the pressing of olives and the production of extra virgin olive oil with organic certification. Not only that: Pantaleo has chosen to open the doors of the company to customers with a shop where they can buy the freshest and zero-kilometer garden products and the agro-bistro with the picninc area where you can taste aperitifs freshly prepared according to the philosophy "from the earth to the table ".