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Donna Elvira

Donna Elvira

Those who produce sweets give culture, memory, beauty, happiness and those born in Modica, with the profession of confectioner in their blood, cannot escape the epic of cocoa. This is the story of Donna Elvira, an artisan from Modica who has been producing artisan chocolate for over 20 years in her "factory", the only bean-to-bar in Sicily.

Donna Elvira is a real institution for the city of Modica: her confectionery shop tells of the passion and dedication in the pursuit of excellence. In his laboratory he produces chocolate by selecting the seeds at the origin and then transforming them into delicious bars and special creations.

Elvira learned the secrets of the trade alongside great simple and wise women, who taught her the art of slowness and patience and who left her the most precious piece: the handwritten recipes of the ancient Sicilian convent pastry.

The seriousness and professional excellence have led the factory to be awarded in numerous editions by the International Chocolate Award.